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The Benefits of Online Assessment

Whether you are a corporation offering certification programs, assessing the efficiency of training, an awarding body that intends to move away from paper and grow into the new market, the advantages that come with adapting to online assessments cannot be exhausted. The advantages of online assessment are for both exam candidates as well as the institution offering the assessment. The advantages will depend on the software you utilize. But, among the overriding positive results is that corporations really cut down the administrative responsibility of planning and running examinations. Here are the merits of an online assessment.

It reduces administrative obligation. Institutions greatly lower the administrative burden of organizing and running examinations when it goes digital. Printing and issuing examination papers and organizing for shipment of finalized scripts to the people who are going to mark takes a lot of time and money.

It guarantees a quicker marking process and issuing of results. When the examinations are marked online, the process is shorter hence candidates get their results quickly. If the candidates are doing auto scorable questions, they can get the results instantly if they wish.

There is increased security. Another advantage of online assessment is that there is high security because every exam paper, candidate information, marks and the outcomes are stored electronically. Additionally, only the people that are meant to access the exam information are given access to the system. However, with paper-based examinations, it is not easy to restrict access, storage and manage results.

Flexibility to do the exams regardless of your location. Remote invigilation online supervision offers candidates the ability to sit a safe and supervised exam from the comfort of their houses. The process is not nerve-wracking and saves the candidates time and money that they would have used to go to the test center.

It saves you a lot of money. It is cost-efficient to use online assessment. It is due to the cutting down of administrative time in coordinating the whole exam creation, delivery, and the marking procedure.

The assessment can be accessed by anyone. When you conduct online assessments, it is much easier to adapt the assessments for candidates who are physically challenged for example changing the font size, background color among others. The other thing is that you can add extra time for the candidates that need special considerations.

exam candidates accustomed to digital. Exam candidates can operate a computer in a way they are conversant with as opposed to using pen and paper. the exam candidates are disadvantaged if they cannot have computer editing tools when writing like cut and paste. it is difficult to change to pen and paper if you are used to operating digitally. it can be tiresome over long periods.
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